West Mountain Campground, Idaho

July 2019 Trailer Trip

On July 14th, 2019 we departed from Pine Flats Campground and headed north towards White Byrd, Idaho. However, the combination of leaving late, being injured, and feeling exhausted, limited us to 88 miles of progress. We made it as far as Lake Cascade State Park before giving up and staying a couple of nights in the West Mountain Campground on the western shore of Lake Cascade. This campground wasn’t our dream location, but it served us well. I began recovering from my ankle injury, and my wife and son enjoyed kayaking and fishing on the lake.

While at West Mountain Campground, we stayed in site 147. The site was covered in grass, had several large shade trees, a moveable picnic table, a fire pit, nearby water, and a beautiful view of the lake.

While there, my wife and son went fishing on their kayaks on Lake Cascade. When they returned, I asked how the fishing went. I was so hopeful that our son would have a good experience that I was primed for a fish story. My son sensed my gullible nature and laid it on thick. He told me a fine tale of him catching a 20″ largemouth bass and I gulped the story down hook, line, and sinker. He left me thus inspired for a few minutes and then fessed up. I couldn’t believe I was so had, but I must admit he played me well.

Later that evening, my wife and I stayed up until 2:30 am planning the remainder of our trip and making a few reservations where we thought they were necessary. Having a little more organization set us at ease and made the rest of the journey much more enjoyable.

Sundog in cloudy sky

Before retiring to bed, I prayed that I might be guided to seek appropriate care for my ankle injury. I felt impressed to see how it felt in the morning and as needed stop in McCall, Idaho to seek medical assistance. When I awoke in the morning, I recalled how much it hurts to stand and resisted having to get out of bed. I struggled to my feet and slid into the shower. After showering, we bandaged my wound, and miraculously, it felt much much better. I was able to walk almost normally and prepared the trailer for travel. We stopped in McCall for groceries but chose not to seek medical attention. While I was waiting for my wife to complete the shopping, I enjoyed a bright sundog that filled my soul with joy and truly began my restful vacation.

After acquiring groceries, we stopped at New Meadows, Idaho, for lunch. After lunch, we headed up Highway 12 towards O’Hara Bar Campground. We arrived at 5 pm, found three vacant non-reservable sites, and occupied one of them.

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