Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

As is our family tradition, we took off on Wednesday November 21, 2018 for a Thanksgiving holiday camping trip with numerous members of our family. We all returned home on Sunday November 25. This year we went to Valley of Fire State Park near Overton, Nevada. We stayed in group site 3. There were approximately 45 of us with numerous RVs and tents. This is definitely not low impact camping, but we did our best to leave the site better than we found it.

Various adults were assigned to cook breakfasts and dinners for the entire group. Each family was on their own for lunches. On Thanksgiving we had a huge traditional meal with turkey, a turducken, potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, and numerous pies! While camping for Thanksgiving is awesome, one of the best parts is scraping the waste into the fire pit and you’re done. Not quite this simple, but easier than at home.

The day time temperatures were in the mid 60’s and the lows were in the low to mid 40’s. During the days we played games, talked, worked on our RVs, and went on hikes. During the evenings we played board games and enjoyed the huge fires we built.

The geology and scenery are amazing in this part of Nevada. The slick rock is easy to hike on with great traction. It is simply a joy to hike to the top of peaks and ridges and enjoy the colorful views. It’s fun to watch the family grow over the years and watch grandchildren grow and out pace the aging grandparents, us!

I am thankful for a large and wonderful family that likes to be together. I am grateful for employment that gives me the opportunity to provide for this tribe of mine and enjoy time with them. Most of all, I am thankful for a great wife and mother who keeps us organized, gets us together, and sees to all of our emotional and physical needs, Thanks Beautiful!

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  1. Thank you Kelly for all your support and hard work to help pull off this tradition for the last 20 years! It’s been amazing. Almost every year we do a hike with the group. I am not sure it’s legal to hike with 45 people. The Caravan of cars and figuring out where to park was amazing! And thank goodness it wasn’t for a funeral! We did the Fire Wave trail this year and then went down the dry river bed back to the road. We crossed the road and then came out at the beginning of the White Domes parking lot. Hiking through the river bed after the road was definitely a favorite part of the hike. Like a mini slot canyon. So fun for the kids and great photo opportunities. It was our first year not doing a turkey! And the turkey, turducken and ham were amazing! Way to go cooks, all the food and activities were fabulous! Sad, but our group will now be breaking up into smaller groups after 20 years, we don’t fit in the group site we have gone to any more.

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